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“New Frontier” welcomes you to the country of eternal blue sky,  absolute wilderness and natural beauty. Almost any adventure travel experience you've ever dreamed of is possible in Mongolia. Whether your interests are the Gobi Desert, the grassland safari, horseback or camel riding, or just getting away from it all, you will find yourself being woven into a one-of-a-kind nomadic tradition and culture in this land of contrasts. We invite you to explore with us the land of striking beauty and diversity, from the Gobi Desert to the towering mountains of western Mongolia.
Our experienced teams of travel experts work hard to make your adventure in Mongolia rewarding and memorable.   We have a variety of Mongolian travel plans, ranging from family holiday trips to outdoor sporting adventures and horseback excursions. Whether you are traveling with a group, or independently, following our travel itineraries, or pursuing your own customized tours, you will find a comprehensive range of Mongolian tours and vacation travel packages to fit your needs and budget on our website.
Mongolia is a traveler’s paradise, unrivaled in our shrinking world.  With its untamed nature, eternal blue sky and the nomadic culture and tradition, Mongolia is one of the top destinations for adventure and nature travelers. Many travel magazines name Mongolia as one of the most interesting places to visit. Below, we explain why traveling to Mongolia  is becoming more and more popular.

First of all, Mongolia is a paradise for nature-lovers. There you will see the Gobi Desert, steep mountains, dense forests, great lakes and endless plain steppes. You will encounter a variety of faces and the mysteries of Mother Nature on your Mongolian tour.
Secondly, Mongolia is one of the few countries in the world that has kept its nomadic culture and tradition. Half of its population lives a nomadic life style just as it has for thousands of years. You will see how Mongolian nomads live in harmony with Mother Nature and how deeply their respect for nature is embedded in their culture and traditions. Nowhere else in the world, can you find Mother Nature showing every possible facet, so well blended with the life of the nomadic people who have lived there for thousands of years.  

Thirdly, Mongolia offers great opportunities for adventure seekers.  Our adventure tours in Mongolia will give you thrills that you can experience nowhere else. For example, horseback riding in Mongolia, trekking the same route as Genghis Khan did eight hundred  years ago is an adventure that only few can experience.  Mongolia's thousands of steep, rocky mountains are just perfect for hikers, mountain bikers, and climbers. Her fast-running rivers are challenging to rafters. There are thousands of possibilities for hunters in her steppes and mountains, with their populous animal kingdom. Anglers can fish in her freshwater rivers and lakes for an exciting experience. There are 25 rivers more than 200 kilometers in length. Mongolia has more than 3000 lakes with an area of a half a square mile or more.  The freshwater rivers and lakes of Mongolia are home to some 70 species of fish, including salmon, taimen, grayling, perch and pike.
And Fourth, Mongolia is a country with a great history.   The first empire on what is currently Mongolian territory was established two thousand years ago. Since then the Mongolian steppe has witnessed the rise and fall of several empires of nomadic warriors. At their peak, Mongolian warriors built the greatest empire in human history under the Great Chinghis (Ghengis) Khan and his successors.  The territory of the Great Mongolian Empire stretched from the Pacific Ocean to Hungary and from Russia to the Korean Peninsula.  The first western traveler to Mongolia in the 14th century, Marco Polo, wrote:

the men are habituated to remain on horseback during two days and two nights, without dismounting; sleeping in that situation whilst their horses graze. No people upon earth can surpass them in fortitude under difficulties. From these qualities, so essential to the formation of soldiers, it is, that they are fitted to subdue the world, as in fact they have done in regard to a considerable portion“.
When you travel to Mongolia, you will have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of some of the great leaders in history. You will find the birthplaces and tombs of the Great Khans and Queens, and Buddhist temples that have histories lasting hundreds of years. Also, as one of the homes to ancient people, Mongolia preserves the traces of human life back to the Stone Age.  Archeological findings prove that people were living in the Mongolian territory thousands of years ago. There are hundreds of stone monuments and cave stone pictures drawn as early as the Stone Age.

And fifth, Mongolia’s fauna and flora and eternal blue sky provide great opportunities for scientific experts or anyone who enjoys watching birds and observing stars and flowers.
Mongolia’s flora consists of more than 4000 kinds of plants and flowers. There are 436 species of birds, more than 136 species of mammals, and 75 species of fish in the country.   Wild camels (Havtgai) and Gobi bears (Mazaalai) are native only to Mongolia. There are over  200 sunny days a year and approximately the same number of clear night sky each  year.  This, combined with the dry air of the highland, makes Mongolia a perfect spot for observing planets and stars.

Last but not least, Mongolia is one of the safest countries to travel. There is virtually no risk of danger from humans or animals when you are enjoying your Mongolia vacation, even in Mongolia’s most remote corner.
Tips for your stay in Mongolia
Pack some warm clothes. It can be quite chilly in the evening in the countryside, even in summer.

Any major currency can be exchanged for Mongolian currency, "tugrug", at banks or exchange points in the capital, Ulaanbaatar City. But this is not the case anywhere else in Mongolia.
You can buy a cell phone with a prepaid calling card for about $100 U.S. Cell phone service covers about a half of the Mongolian administrative unit centers. International call is possible in those areas from cell phones.

It is possible to pay for purchases with credit cards only in a few shops in Ulaanbaatar City. Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit cards.
The internet is rarely available, once you leave the capital city.

Beware of pickpockets, especially in Ulaanbaatar City. Vigilance should be part of your Mongolia holiday

It is alright to refuse if you are offered alcoholic drinks or fermented mare's milk. But  to show respect, you may take a small taste or just dip your upper lip into the drink.
Do not drink too much fermented mare's milk, unless you have tried it before. Fermented mare's milk from different areas can have a different effect on your digestive system.

Be careful when encountering dogs. In the countryside, dogs are raised as guard animals, not pets. That’s why “Nohio horio,” or ‘Hold the dog’ is equivalent to “Can I come in?” in Mongolia. Whether you are in the countryside, the villages, or the cities, do not expect any dog to be friendly.
When you visit a Mongolian family living in a ger/yurt, you do not have to take off your shoes.  But you must take of your shoes if you visit a family living in an apartment or a house, especially in Ulaanbaatar City.

Take some candies or small gifts with you, so that you will have something to give back, if nomadic families give some gifts to you.

Do not put your feet or shoes on chairs or tables, especially showing the bottom of your feet to others.

Do not approach the horse from its right. Most horses are  trained for approaching only from the left. Also dismount a horse to the left.
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